Evan Wondrasek, 2024 (previously: 2023, 2022, 2021)

Hi there! I'm Evan Wondrasek (my last name is pronounced wun - DRAH - seck).

I'm a Director, Software Engineering at Zwift and am based out of Orange County, California where I live with my wife Sarah, our daughter, and our dog Toaster.

I've previously worked as a software development manager at Amazon, a software development manager and software engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), a software engineer at Emerson Automation Solutions, and I hold degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics from the University of North Dakota.

I've also created a few independent projects, including MarkdownPad, a full-featured Markdown word processor for Windows, which has been downloaded over 2.1 million times and is available in 18 different languages, and I founded and served as editor-and-chief for the now-retired technology blog Techerator.

I love to read and I occasionally try to take pretty photos. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.